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【Japanese Lessons】

At Dojwy, it is our heartfelt wish is to foster a love for Japan and the Japanese language. What we offer is not just a language lesson; it is a place where you can learn both Japanese language and culture through communication.

Let’s make learning Japanese a joyful experience
together. We’ll use fun content like games and anime to boost your conversational skills while also incorporating real-life Japanese expressions into the lessons.


【Japanese Living Etiquette Lessons】

Our Living Etiquette Lessons are designed with
newcomers to Japan in mind. We cover much more than the basics of daily life, such as how to handle garbage and navigate trains, and we also dive into broader aspects of Japanese culture, seasonal greetings, business manners and Japanese language instruction.

Whatever your specific preferences may be, we are happy to tailor our lessons to your needs!

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Japanese Lesson
Japanese Living Etiquette Lessons